Friday, August 28, 2015

Inspiration for the week ending 28/8/15

This is what my eyes are looking at for inspiration. I think I'm subconsciously influenced by the gloomy skies outside my suburban Croydon window.

Top L-R, Brutalist sculpture Guy Ngan, Dystopian Architecture Artist Unknown
Middle L-R,Sculpture by Gunther Gerzso, Brutalist table lamp Artist Unknown
Bottom L-R, Sculpture Giovanni Schoeman, Sculpture Donald Drumm
My materials are copper vinyl, stonewash leather in blacks and greys, glass beads and rope.

Today's music to work by is the new album by Aussie band, RÜFÜS. I heard the song 'Two Clocks" playing in JB Hi-Fi and had to get my hands on the album. Luckily, they had one copy left. It was perfect driving music last weekend and has continued to keep my head in a good space this week.

Have a great weekend everybody.

Monday, August 17, 2015

I'm just here for the craft.

Hello there if you've made your way to my blog.

I started this blog back in 2006 and mostly blogged about my 2 kids, occasionally my partner and a lot about my hobbies/business endeavors.
Back in 2006, Joystuff was about handbags and other accessories made from vintage fabrics and reclaimed materials.  
I sold my bags at markets and occasionally online.  It was a wonderful creative outlet for me and I loved having something to focus on that was for me, not about raising my girls or helping my partner run his business. But after making and selling bags for 10+ years, I had lost the passion. 
When I started out, handmade, colourful bags were rare. But over time, Etsy and other online market places meant that everyone with a sewing machine could sew a bag and if not, then someone, somewhere would make something cheaper than what I was prepared to sell mine for.  I was making something for nothing, and I wasn't enjoying the process anymore. 

I gave up the markets, packed my old stock in a box and stored it away.
My studio became less of a place for sewing, and more for trying out new things.  
I painted, I drew things,  I made a mess and I didn't really care what the outcome was.  Some weeks, my studio would remain locked for days on end and I was happy with that.

 I became distracted by Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.  I threw myself in to my partner's business, taking over the bookkeeping from the lady we had employed solely for this task.
Then slowly, my desire to create came back.
I found new materials to work with, and I experimented. 
I'm still experimenting. I'm finding my style, creating things that I would wear/use/hang on my wall.
I'm loving the freedom to create without having a purpose.
Sure, I'd love to sell my creations some time in the future, but that won't be until the end of the year at this stage.

A very important part of my crafting is to use reclaimed and recycled materials wherever possible.  My use of vintage and reclaimed fabrics began when I first made bags in the 1990's and was more to keep the costs down than for ecological reasons. But as time went on, I found a thrill in sourcing fabrics that were uncommon or destined for the rubbish heap.  I remember my Nanna was a very thrifty, talented lady who could whip up anything on a sewing machine.  I wanted to continue her legacy.
My collection of fabrics grew so large that I have to store some in boxes in the garage, but any person with a passion for fabric will attest to having an addiction that is very hard to control.

So I have changed my focus from handbags, to adornment. At the moment, I am constructing neck pieces from various materials.  I hope to expand my skills to make body adornments and wearable art.

My blog will become a place to document my art, my craft, my inspiration and creative process. My children and my partner can rest assured that they will no longer be the subject of my rants.
I hope to keep it regularly  updated, but my track record for regular blog posting hasn't been that great in the past so we'll see how I go.

I hope at least one person will stop by and read this blog and maybe find a little inspiration of their own.

Thursday, August 13, 2015